Garden watering

The success of a healthy garden lies not only in tending to the plants and providing them with fertilizers. Water is the key ingredient that gifts the plants a healthy life. It is true that watering a garden manually has its own positive sides but it is also a sort of restraint, especially, for working professionals and elderly people who are short of time to tend to their garden. For them, garden watering equipment can be the perfect solution.

Most of the new age garden watering equipment available with reputed manufacturers  comes with water timers that make the job easier.

Moreover, the equipment range has a foray of self-watering kits for patio plants, hanging baskets and indoor plants. Sprinklers, drip irrigation and micro irrigation systems are also under the product category that is perfect for outdoor plants and lawns.

First time investors in such garden watering equipment need to carry out a little research. It is good to pay the dealers a personal visit or browse the online catalogue for products available with them. However, before doing so it is important that the user chalks out the requirements of his/ her garden. This eases the decision-making process.

For example, if someone prefers to attend to the plants on their own, then a garden watering hose can be good. As a garden watering tool, hose pipes can be considered as the oldest equipment used in gardening. While sprinklers and drip irrigation systems are favourable for their water saving capacity, a garden hose has no match when it comes to watering plants with deep roots or a vegetable garden.

Plants like ferns, fuchsias, gardenias, blue marguerite, and primroses, especially require more watering. A garden hose in such cases can be ideal. Not only applying water with a garden hose is easier but moving them around the lawn or the garden also makes it a good equipment to invest in. Most of the garden hose are made out of soft plastic or synthetic rubber. As such, repairing a leak or maintaining one is also hassle free.

Hoses nowadays also come with removable heads with which sprinklers and sprayers can be attached. This helps gardeners to water plants accordingly. Since a sprayer or a sprinkler emits limited amount of water, they are fit to water perennial plants like coral bells, sunrose, blanket flower, and poppy mallow that thrive on less water. A single garden watering hose, therefore, serves various purposes and is a handy gardening tool for a horticulturist.

Garden watering equipment remove burden from the gardener’s shoulders. For one with a green thumb, these equipments have turned the perilous job of garden watering into an enjoyable one.

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Is it necessary to cover my garden furniture?

Numerous factors need to be considered when deciding whether or not it is necessary to purchase an all weather cover for your garden furniture. The first and most important thing to appreciate is that some types of outdoor furniture will require a protective cover more than others.

For example, garden furniture constructed from man- made materials such as plastic or metal generally require less protection from the elements than natural products like wood or stone. Good quality cast aluminium (metal) and woven (plastic) furniture can be left outside throughout the year without a cover. The appearance of the metal and plastic outdoor tables and chairs will not significantly alter when left outside uncovered.

However, when left exposed outside teak (wood) and granite (stone) furniture can look different over a period of time. Teak usually becomes more silvery grey and granite often becomes less vibrant in colour. To prevent this most suppliers of outdoor furniture will recommend that the furniture is either taken indoors, treated or covered when not in use.

Nonetheless, many people actually prefer the look of weathered teak and therefore leave it outside untreated and uncovered. Providing the teak is good quality then this decision should not significantly affect the life or durability of the furniture.

Another significant factor to consider is that each garden is subjected to unique weather conditions. For example south facing gardens are more exposed to high levels of UV which can make certain types of furniture, particularly wood, change its appearance quicker. Consequently a cover should be used so that the weathering process can be delayed if the original look is preferred.

Covers are also often used to prevent the garden furniture from getting dirty. Obviously if the garden is full of birds, trees and other vegetation then the outdoor dining set will need cleaning more regularly unless it is covered.

In summary it is down to personal choice whether a cover is used or not. A protective cover is certainly not a necessity in order to extend the life of garden furniture. Many people prefer the weathered look, have storage space or feel that a cover is simply not required. Whatever the decision, as long as the metal, wooden, plastic or stone garden furniture is good quality then it should be durable and last for many years.

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Making the most out of your garden shed

A shed is the perfect addition to any garden. Not only is it ideal for storing common garden items such as lawnmowers and watering cans, it also provides an attractive structure for your garden, particularly if you have opted for a cedar potting shed. There are many types of shed available, from small sheds that are suitable for those with little garden space to larger structures for those who need plenty of room to store a variety of garden items.

Garden sheds are not only ideal for storing garden items but also other items such as bicycles. A good sized shed is an ideal option for those who need plenty of space to store lawnmowers, bikes and other large items. However, larger sheds may end up becoming cluttered as a result of storing too many items, so it is a good idea to place particular items within certain parts of your shed. Adding extra shelving will provide you with plenty of space to store plant pots, soil bags and small garden tools.

Garden sheds are also a popular place for people to relax and unwind. Opting for a large design will provide you with enough space to transform your shed into an extra room, which is ideal for those needing extra space to work from home. Some designs, such as the cedar potting shed, provide enough space and look attractive enough to be transformed into a summer house.

When adding a shed to your garden, it is important to remember that some types of shed will require more maintenance than others. Be sure to choose a design that does not rot easily, such as cedar wood. Cedar wood is rot resistant, sturdy and ages well, making it the perfect choice for those who need a top quality structure that provides plenty of features as well as adding beauty to a garden.

Cleaning the wood of your shed or re-painting it every few years will allow you to keep it looking attractive. Be sure to research cleaning methods in order to make sure that any chemicals you use will not damage the wood. If you are growing plants near or within your shed, be sure to avoid using harmful chemicals to preserve the wood, such as creosote, as this will damage your plants.

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